Down Low

How big is the average down payment?


Buyers Energized By Utility Costs

Money matters, which is why more buyers are concerned with efficiency


Let's Grow Old Together

Planned villages designed for on-the-go seniors as popular as ever, close to 60 years after the first neighborhood opened


Remodel Desire

Does a home remodel reignite an owner's love?


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Faster Payoff

What's the best way to pay down a mortgage faster?


It's the Little Things

Keep these intangibles in mind as you look into a future home purchase.


Look Into the Future of Real Estate

Real estate chiefs favor predictive technology over today’s portals and 3-D tours.


Buy Time

Renters think it's a great time to buy a home.


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Double Agent?

What are the rules that govern representation in real estate transactions?

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