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Tips to Finance Prefab

Interested in building a prefabricated home? Hereís what to know about financing the project


Cautionary Tale of the Toxic Home

How to avoid buying a home with hidden hazards


All Mine

How many people own their home mortgage-free?


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Rent or Sell?

For retirees, is it better to sell or rent an existing home?


Yard Appeal for Selling Success

With springís arrival, itís time to make the outside of your house look as impressive as the inside


Up, Up and Away

What rising home values and flattening rents mean to buyers, sellers, and renters


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller:Priced Out?

Is the average buyer being priced out of the market?


5 Tips for a Successful Showing

How to make your home even more attractive to prospective buyers


Talk to Me

How buyers prefer to be contacted by agents

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