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4 Modern Quick-Sell Strategies

Here is what today’s realtors are doing to market and promote your home.


High Times for the Not-So New

Sales of existing homes have hit a 10-year high. Here’s why and how long the trend may continue.



A new stat shows many homeowners don't know how to apply for a home equity line of credit.


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Inflated Escrow?

Why mortgage companies set aside 'extra' for escrow.


Top Reasons for Smart Tech

Why so many homeowners and buyers want smart technology in their homes.


Home Investors

Why now might be the ‘REIT’ time to invest in real estate.


Fewer Defaults

How many home equity loans are in default?


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: 'Fix' a HELOC

Tips to convert a home equity loan to a fixed-rate line of credit.


3 Tips to Stay in Money Love

How to avoid arguing about finances.

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