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Pick the Perfect Unit

Knowing what to consider before purchasing a townhome, condo or multifamily home will save you major headache as a homeowner


Why Dropping Flood Insurance Isn't Worth the Risk

Even in high-risk areas, some ‘overly optimistic’ homeowners go without


Eye in the Sky

Drone photography offers professional, dramatic real estate views at a lower cost


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Title Insured?

We know lenders require title insurance, but since we’re now able to buy for cash, why do we need such coverage?


As Go Jobs, So Go Homes

How does job growth correlate to home sales?


Vocabulary Matters

What’s one word worth? In real estate, potentially a sale


Home Grown

How do prices stack up against those before the Great Recession?


Stall Tactic

More sellers are buying time


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Take Back?

What are the pros and cons of owner take-backs?

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