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It's the Little Things

Keep these intangibles in mind as you look into a future home purchase.


Look Into the Future of Real Estate

Real estate chiefs favor predictive technology over today’s portals and 3-D tours.


Buy Time

Renters think it's a great time to buy a home.


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Double Agent?

What are the rules that govern representation in real estate transactions?


Corporate Sales

Selling a great family home? The buyer could be a company.


Safety While Selling

Realtor Safety Month aims to help realtors know how to avoid potential trouble.


Sales Pressure

Many homeowners find selling a stressful situation.


Ask Our Broker With Peter G. Miller: Private Offer?

Do other bidders or agents get to see competing offers made on a house?


House Money

More homeowners turn to short-term rentals help pay mortgage.

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